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Restaurant Kitchen Hood Systems need to be inspected semi-annually.  At Justice Fire & Safety of Sioux Falls, we can inspect and service most brands of systems and offer emergency service.  We can design or modify the system as your cooking needs change. 

Service work involves cleaning and inspecting nozzles, replacing fusible links or detection tubing.  Hydrostatic testing will be done at intervals to meet code requirements of your specific brand. We test to ensure proper disconnect of electricity and gas supplies to appliances as required.

We want to ensure your kitchen fire suppression system will function as designed if the need ever arises. We will work with your scheduling needs as to limit the interruption of business for service and maintenance.


Sioux Falls Kitchen Fire Suppression
Sioux Falls Fire Kitchen Suppression
Kitchen Fire Suppression Sioux Falls

This automatic restaurant fire suppression system protects the hood, duct, and appliances from a fire disaster. The combination of a kitchen fire suppression system and a Class K wet chemical extinguisher provides restaurants with the "one-two" attack against the threat of business loss due to cooking operation fires.

  • First, when the fire starts, either the fusible link detection network will automatically detect the fire or the manual pull station can be used, releasing a low pH agent throughout the hood, duct, and onto the appliances.

  • Second, either method of actuation will interrupt gas and electrical power to the appliances preceding discharge.

  • Third, the fire suppression agent quickly extinguishes the fire and cools the fuel while securing the vapors with a smothering foam reaction.